Milestone Release 1written by TnKamikaze, 2008-03-24 23:56

The Deepwood Milestone Release 1 is now available as executable binary for Windows and source code for Linux. The SVN repository is updated, too.

I tested the Windows version with Windows XP Professional 32 bit, Windows Vista Business 32 bit and Windows Vista Business 64 bit without problems.

Shaders are now supported but deactivated by default. You can activate them in the .ini file. At the moment there is only one shader uses (for per pixel lighting) and unfortunately it runs very slow.

I tested the source code version with Ubuntu 7.04 and Kubuntu 7.10. To compile it you will need qmake, QT4 dDevelopement files, glpng, the OpenGL header files and glut.

Note: the default language is german. You can switch to english by editing the config.ini file: change lang = ger to lang = eng

The core features for the next version will be the object layer which makes possible movable objects, npcs and items. There will also be a lighting and weather system. Currently there is no release date for the milestone release 2.

New websitewritten by TnKamikaze, 2008-02-01 02:14

Deepwoods new website is finally online!

Not all sections are available in english yet, but I'm working on it!

I startet to work on this page directly after the last one went down, back in summer of 2006. For some reason I never finished it. Later, in april 2007, I decided to abandon Deepwood for good.

However, several months passed by and I continued to work on this project in late 2007. I revised this page and deepwood made big progress!

There will soon be a milestone release (platform independent source code and win32 executable) with new features:

  • moving animation
  • ability to look up and down
  • grass
  • terrain
  • semi transparent and animated water
  • QT4 instead of SDL and guichan
  • skysphere
  • smooth shading
  • shader support

The sourcecode in the svn repository is outdated. I will update it as soon as the milestone release is done. I want to fix the moving animation first (atm it looks weird when you are climbing a hill) and update the rendering of grass. Until then you can watch deepwoods progress in the screenshot section, which shows some of the new features :)

Please stay tuned and contact me if you want to contribute something to Deepwood! (see Contribute section)